Kidnappings….not just in Iraq

In legacy media’s world, only bad things happen in Iraq, which is why when the NBC nightly news ran a story about kidnappings in Iraq the fact that ransom kidnappings are a global phenomenon was left out.

Mexico had 3,000 reported kidnappings in 2003.

The Christian Science Monitor puts the number of kidnappings in Mexico as high 4,000 each year and it is an organized crime.

In 2001, there were 300 kidnappings in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the economist wrote about a pattern of political figures being assassinated.

The Economist also wrote about the terrorist style crime in Rio.

In 2004 CNN said kidnapping and ransom crimes are on the rise globally.

The dire picture of crime in Iraq by NBC could just as well have been about Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Jamaica, South Africa or Russia.

One of the talking heads even described Iraq as one of the most lawless nations on the planet.  Obviously he isn’t up to date on Latin America and West Africa.


NBC Kidnapping Report

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