Media’s Amour for Armor

“Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?” Marine Sergeant Major Dan Daly (USMC 1899-1929), Belleau Wood, France WWI.

NBC and the legacy media, unlike a lot of the grunts I met in Iraq, would reply YES!


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The NBC nightly news led with a story about a
U.S. Army order preventing soldiers from wearing non-issued body armor.

The order is in place to prevent soldiers from purchasing and wearing armor less effective than the Level IV interceptor system with ceramic plates, which I can attest to, are capable of stopping just about everything.

But, as the AP reported this week, many Marines are voluntarily forgoing the additional cermaic plates and added protectors.

If a lot of infantry operators don’t want to wear all the issued armor, what is the controversy?

NBC can’t imagine anyone not wanting to live forever.

According to NBC, this business says their armor is better than the armor currently issued.

As part of a clever marketing maneuver, Pinnacle Body Armor, has made the media controversy all about them and their assertion that their system is superior to the current system.

Pinnacle seems to pop up in just about every story on this subject, including the NBC report.

The problem with this story is that NBC fails to realize that if soldiers can wear any body armor they buy, many will not shell out $6,000 for a quality system, but purchase an inferior product.

If a soldier wearing off the shelf body armor was shot and dies because the armor was deficient, the media and the left would raise hackles about why the Generals were letting soldiers wear inferior body armor.

Of course, the media will not be satisfied until all military personnel are wearing this…

But as always is the case with the media, you can never win and now that body armor has become a political issue, U.S. Senators will try to make tactical decisions best left to Lieutenants and Sergeants.


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