Surprised by 60 Minutes


Not surprised by the contents, but what 60 Minutes actually left in the segment about Bin Landen’s former bodyguard, Abu Jandal and what they let Mike “Imperial Hubris” Scheuer be quoted saying.

First Scheuer, who says bin Landen should have been splattered across Afghanistan in 1998 or 1999, during the Clinton Administration.


But according to some, U.S. could have gotten its hands on bin Laden in 1996.

Just part of a laundry list of times the U.S. could have gotten bin Laden but missed or didn’t even pull the trigger.

That Scheuer’s words made it on air talking about 98 and 99 is amazing. Usually the legacy media dates the begining of terrorism and bin Laden to 2001.

But the most revealing part of the segment was the last 30 seconds.



What is shows is the difference between Jihadist Islam and the West.

While many in the West oppose the military and try to prevent young men and women from serving in the military, Jihadist parents hope and pray their kids take up arms and die in jihad.

And according to the terrorists, jihad will be waged until the sharia of allah is the source of all laws on earth.

There is no negotiation or middle ground for the jihadists.

Americans must understand that as well.

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