Poor Planning of the Retired Generals

The shock and awe campaign of several retired Generals to force Rumslfeld’s resignation has failed.

The whole thing may have been a mistake, the result of hubris and arrogance.  And whoever led this dismal failure should be fired.

After much bluster and a week of buzz from collaborators in the media, their war on Rumsfeld came to a screeching halt.

Or should we say, their war on Rumsfeld has turned into a quagmire.

After the original collusive group, which totals a whopping .00084% of all retired flag officers, denounced Rumsfeld, few others decided to join the cadre of revolutionaries.

Obviously they did not have enough troops, er, officers, to do the job.

This group of tactical masters obviously failed to properly plan their campaign and failed to anticipate the need for more Generals.

Perhaps their rush to battle against the Secretary of Defense was based on arrogance and hubris instead of sound strategic fundamentals.

More likely, the failed to read Sun Tzu and attacked a stronger opponent from a position of weakness.

Seeing who quickly the revolt of the retired Generals got bogged down in a quagmire, should anyone really give them much weight?

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