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General’s Defending Rumsfeld Aginst the Hexagon Intifada

Sunday, April 16th, 2006

After last weeks PR offensive by 6 retired Generals, occasionally referred to as the “Hexagon,” calling for Rumsfeld’s head, two retired general have stepped up to defend him.

In Sunday’s New York Times, Lt. Gen Michael DeLong (USMC Retired) writes:

“As the No. 2 general at United States Central Command from the Sept. 11 attacks through the Iraq war, I was the daily “answer man” to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. I briefed him twice a day; few people had as much interaction with him as I did during those two years….


Read the Paragraph Below

Friday, April 14th, 2006

“Rumsfeld should resign because the Bush administration is losing the war on the home front. As bad as things are in Baghdad, America won’t be defeated there militarily. But it may be forced into a hasty and chaotic retreat by mounting domestic opposition to its policy. Much of the American public has simply stopped believing the administration’s arguments about Iraq, and Rumsfeld is a symbol of that credibility gap.”

Uh, let me get this straight, Rumsfeld should be fired because he couldn’t undo the effects of a biased media’s distorted reporting on Iraq?

WaPo columnist David Ignatius says exactly that.

Memo to WaPo:  You helped manufacture the credibility gap with this little “Ah-ha, Gotcha” gem.

In which the first three paragraphs were more spin than explanation and gave the impression Bush was lying, when in fact he was just repeating what the CIA told him.

And though, “the Post did not say that Bush knew what he was saying was false. But ABC News did during a report on “Good Morning America,”

ABC news later acknowledged their error.  Or should we call it a lie?

So, Rumsfeld should go, not because we are losing militarily in Iraq, but because the MSM has turned him into a pinata through their biased reporting?

And because of that biased reporting has turned the public aginst the war, the U.S. may be forced into a hasty retreat?

And somehow this is Rumsfeld’s fault?

Mr. Ignatius, I don’t think anyone in the legacy media should be talking about a credibility gap.

Passover & Easter

Friday, April 14th, 2006

The Dispatch returns on Monday.

The PR Offensive Rolls Along

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

I think it is pretty obvious that this has been a planned and well exeucted PR blitz by the retired O-8 & O-9 Club.

Their PR blitz has confirmed one thing for this former enlistedman:  We have too many Generals.


An Effective PR Offensive

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

A group of retired Gerneral Officers have launched a PR offensive against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and the Bush administration.

Many of the complaining Generals are now playing Monday-morning-quarterback, when they voluntarily pulled themselves out of the game.


General Newbold’s Double Talk

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

What Newbold says now:

I retired from the military four months before the invasion, in part because of my opposition to those who had used 9/11′s tragedy to hijack our security policy.”

But, in May of 2002, in an article headlined, “General With a Key Pentagon Role to Retire” (WaPo archives) he told the Washington Post’s Thomas Ricks:

–”he never had an ambition to be a four-star general, and simply was tired of the intensity of his post”

–”I’m looking forward to a job that doesn’t have the intensity and lack the quality of life that this one has,” he said. “This is a crucible job.”

–”Newbold, 53, said he decided several months ago to retire,”

Uh, “several months ago” would put probably put his decision to retire into February of 2002, if not earlier, well before the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. Just another curious turn in Newbold’s tale.

FYI to the WaPo and Gen. Newbold: We have Lexis-Nexus AlaCarte


More General Newbold

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Howard Kurtz takes a look at the General’s tardy dissent.

Newbold, a noted warprofiteer with 3.5 months of experience commanding Marines in harms way, recently came out of the closet and announced his opposition to the war.

Three years after the invasion…

Three years and four months after he left the Marine Corps…

Almost four years after he decided to retire…

He publicly says he thought the invasion of Iraq was wrong.

Obviously he didn’t think it was very wrong, or he would have spoke up sooner.


General Newbold: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

In the latest edition of TIME magazine, Lieutenant General Gregory S. Newbold (USMC-Retired) offers what is called a “full-throated critique” of the Bush administration’s handling of the War on Terror, but, like so many of the critics, he offers no alternatives and misses some key facts about Al Qaeda. No wonder he was promoted through the ranks so rapidly during the Clinton Adminstration.




NY Times Scare of the Week:

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

“All the News That’s Nit-to-Pick”

“U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait of Iraqi Discord” screams the headline of an April 9th NYT article by Eric Schmitt and Edward Wong. They write:

“An internal staff report by the United States Embassy and military command in Baghdad provides a sobering province-by-province snapshot of Iraq’s political, economic and security situation, rating the overall stability of 6 of the 18 provinces ‘serious’ and one ‘critical.’ The report is a counterpoint to some recent upbeat public statements by top American politicians and military officials.”


An Outbreak of Justice

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

After Saddam’s regime fell, the Coalition reviewed the performance of 869 seated Iraqi judges. One-hundred-and-thirty-five of these were removed due to Ba’ath Party affiliations or substantial evidence of corruption.  Between May 2003 – the end of major combat – and June 2004, an additional 175 justices were trained.  By May of 2005, that number had swelled to 351.  As a result, there has been a steady increase in the felony cases resolved by Iraqi courts – from roughly 4,000 in 2003, to 8,000 in 2004, to 10,000 in 2005.