There is No Such Thing as Bad Press

Bruno S. Frey, of the University of Zurich and Dominic Rohner of Cambridge studied how media coverage of terrorism affects terrorism.

Their research paper, “Blood and Ink! The Common-Interest-Game Between Terrorists and the Media” has drawn scant attention from the Legacy Media because it indicts them as willfully benefitting from terrorism.

The reasearchers studied the media and acts of terror from 1998 to 2005 and analyzed them using some serious math.

Guess what, terrorist attacks caused more media coverage and the more media coverage, the more the attacks increased.

Why?  Because an act of terrorism is useless in a strategic and tactical sense.  In terms of kinetic strategy and tactics, terrorism is useless.  The terrorist know this.

The purpose of an act of terror is to send signals.

To earn ratings points in the media.

An act of terror may kill or maim many people, but the real targets are members of the media, the people who watch TV or read newspapers and ultimately, their elected representatives.

Terrorism is 4th Generation Warfare.

The goal of a 4th Generation military force or armed group or faction is not to kinetically defeat their opponents in the field, but to affect the mood of the public and affect the decisions of policy makers.

Al Qaida in Iraq is a 4GW force.  They even have a media committee.  IED’s may frustrate the coalition, they may kill and maim many young men, but they do not, will not and cannot stop the coalition.  But they can supply a steady stream of casualties for the news media.

Car bombs in Baghdad have not sparked a civil war.  They have not, cannot and will not stop the coaltion and the the emerging Iraqi government, but they provide a steady stream of images of carnage for the news media.

Frey and Rohner describe the situation as a win-win for both the media and the terrorists.

The terrorists get free publicity and get the messages they want conveyed to the to target audience without having to buy expensive advertising and the media gets headlines.

When you combine this common interest between the media and the terrorist with the media’s left leaning tilt and general opposition to the war on terror, you have a formula for disaster.

One Response to “There is No Such Thing as Bad Press”

  1. Nick Says:

    Isn’t it ironic how the MSM fancies them self as intelectuals who’s duty it is to tell us stupid common folks what we need to know. But their not even smart enough to see the’re being used / dupted by our own enemies. Ther’re so blinded by Bush Derangment Syndrome, they don’t see their own inevitable downfall. Just look at the NYT.