CBS Reporter, Well Spun

CBS News’ Chief Foreign Correspondent Lara Logan has confirmed the success of The Mujahidin Shura Council in Iraq’s media plan.


In the May 18, 2006 edition of the Washington Post Logan said:

“I tell the American commanders all the time:  When we can get in our cars and drive to the opening of a store and interview people on camera without fear of being killed, or getting everyone involved with us killed, the good news stories will be told.”

In other words, as long as AQI or the Shura Council can successfully target western reporters or keep them fearful, the media will portray Iraq as a quagmire, etc.

The terrorists have been targeting the media for three years.  And the strategy has worked on Logan.

By Logan’s words, if all of Iraq is peaceful, but someone is still targeting CBS News, then there will be no good news from Iraq.

The legacy media, which is so suspicious of the military and on constant alert for pro-coalition messaging, is obviously willing to play along with the terrorists media manipulation.

The big question is whether or not they realize the terrorists have a media plan and they are being manipulated by it.

If they are unaware of the manipulation, they are fools.

If they are aware of it, then they are willing dupes.

2 Responses to “CBS Reporter, Well Spun”

  1. Nick Says:

    they must be willing dupes, beacase they admit to the manupulation and go alon with it. They are so blinded by their hatred they willing report whatever they have to, to change our policy, break our resolve, discredit our military and basically put all of us in a bad light. and they are us. that’s scarry. Great post as always. Keep up the good work.

  2. don smyth Says:

    Definitely, if this unending anti-patriotic reporting went on during the Second World War, treason charges would not only have been laid, they would have been supported by public opinion. What Logan and her cynic peers need to understand, is that growing numbers now get how everything they say and permit us to view is designed to mock the President and undermine America.

    My only wish is that Secretary Madeleine Albright would join Logan in Iraq. Her constant efforts to use every interview space she is given to blame the world’s woes and failures on President Bush are unworthy of a former and failed Secretary of State. Too bad some of the liberals who interview her don’t have the guts to ask if she remembers the Cole, the wasted franctic negotiations with Arafat, her fawning chats with the Good Leader of North Korea and so on.