Sectarian Violence?

I’ll be the first one to make this bit of speculation…how much of the Shia on Sunni killing or vice-versa is actually related to sect?

In this NBC report, as in others, nearly all the violence is reported to be sectarian.


I have a little experience with terrorists, in that I had the displeasure of meeting a few in Iraq.

When examining an act of terror the first thing you must do is determine what the act was really about.

In the NBC story above, a man loaded his mini-van full of Shia and then blew it up.

His goal was not kill those Shia day laborers.

The goal was not just to kill some Shia.

The overall goal was for the act to cause a reaction–a reaction by the people aware of the act of terror.

Shia would become incensed and Americans at home would be wondering if the place will ever be stable.

Shia may then act out in reprisal.  They may kill Sunnis.  That reprisal would then be on the news and Americans would be wondering if the place will ever be stable and thinking that maybe the U.S. should withdraw.

It has long been knowledge that some hard-line insurgent groups aligned with Al Qaida were hoping to foment civil war in Iraq.

But who else would gain from a civil war in Iraq?


Iran has as much to gain, if not more, from terror inflicted on Shia than AQI affiliated groups.

Sectarian violence?  Maybe it needs a closer look.

One Response to “Sectarian Violence?”

  1. Gregdn Says:

    Don’t look now but the Shiite leader Sadr is collecting volunteers to go to Lebanon and fight the Israelis.
    Something tells me this wasn’t what GWB envisioned when he invaded Iraq…