A Coup for Whom?

CBS is reporting rumors of an impending coup d’etat in Iraq.

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A coup, by definition, means another group of people would seize the government by force and take over running the government.

Usually in a coup, a military commander seizes the capitol building, key government buildings, etc., declares himself president, awards himself a lot of medals and starts wearing mirrored sunglasses–at least that’s how it used to be done.

But to stage a coup in Iraq would be impossible.  Why?  Because the Iraqi parliment is in the middle of a Coalition base.  And while the terrorists have been able to overrun police stations, they always fail miserably when it comes to attacking Coaltion installations.

I’ve personally seen what happens when the so-called Lions of Tahweed try to make a run at a coaltion installation.  And being a martyr and President for Life are mutually exclusive.

So, why is CBS reporting this?

Because they will report every far fetched idea that comes to them.

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