NBC Gives Terrorist Sympathizer Megaphone

One of the most common frauds perpetuated by the Legacy Media is passing off a radical as mainstream or respectable expert.

NBC tried it last night.

The NBC Nightly news gave terrorist apologist and jihadist inflamer Azzam Tamimi a mega-phone to spin his views.

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The story is about the struggle among some Muslims to speak out against islamofacism and jihadism.

The quote use by NBC would lead on to believe that Tamimi is one of those trying to speak out against jihadism.

But here is a speech given by Tamimi a month ago.

Here is another speech he gave.

And another.

Obviously, Tamimi is a supporter and inflamer, not the dissauder NBC portrayed him as.

NBC has used a radical Islamist as an “expert” in their story with zero reference to his views and how he inflames Muslims.

Maybe they didn’t know about his leanings, or, they did know and willingly cooperated in letting him spin the story looking oh so, civilized in the standard office shot and sounding like he was something he is not.

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