Who Is Azzam Tamimi?

Yesterday we reported on NBC passing off UK Islamic firebrand Azzam Tamimi as a scholar hoping fewer muslim youth would take up armed jihad.

We also provided links to several of Tamimi’s speeches.

To show just how stupid/blatant/biased (take your pick) NBC is, we just Googled “Azzam Tamimi” and here is what we found.

He is listed in this Council on Foreign Relations essay as a member of Hamas.

And just two weeks ago National Review profiled him.

And Tamimi, a London resident, melted down on MSNBC just a few days after the London bombings in July of 2005.

Why would NBC put Tamimi on the nightly news when so many people know he is a shill for terrorist in a nice suit?

There can only be two reasons:
a) They think you are stupid, or;
b) They are really stupid.

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