Last Summer it was a running joke among the Lance Corporals that U.S. Marine Corps had a new Occupational Specialty–03-5-oh—the infantry police officer.

To show just how different the war in Iraq is from any previous war, you just have to read the following press release.

I got to spend a hot summer day in Iraq’s Central Criminal Court.

I watched at the Marine grunts I rolled with testified before an inquisitorial judge.

Iraq follows the continental system where the judges are fact finders not referees.

The hearing room was a large cubicle.

And defendents were herded through like cattle with their defense attorneys.

The prosecution made its case, and presented its evidence.

The defense attorney made some weak argument.

The Judge would grill the defendant.

And conviction was not a guarantee.

Think about that for a second.

When, in the history of warfare, were there ever trials before judges as the conflict raged?

Marines are trained from the moment they step on the yellow footprints to kill.

Now, they are in the role of investigating, arresting and then testifying at trial.

The better units develop confidential informants, use wire taps, recordings, intercepts, residue tests and interrogation techniques that rival Perry Mason to flip witnesses and informants.

And then all the evidence is put into a court of law.

But, that is something you will never read in the Legacy Media.

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