The Reuters vehicle story is an abosulte fraud.

A complete and total fraud.

And a bad one at that.

If you look at this photo, you will see the imaginary missile came in above the passenger seat.

Here is the passenger seat.

When I was in the Marines and in Iraq, I got to see what a missile can do to any kind of vehicle.

And a hole punched through the skin was the least of the damage.

Air to surface missiles are designed to take out tanks, armored vehicles and bunkers.

When they come in contact with an armored SUV the effect is devastating.

If it came from an Israeli helicopter, it was a TOW or Hellfire missile.

A Hellfire missile, which is designed for taking out tanks, would have obliterated the lightly armored SUV.

A TOW Missile, which I have fired, is designed to take out tanks and other armored military vehicles.

A TOW would have devastated an armored SUV.

So, that leaves fighter-attack aircraft.

A Maverick Missile would also have obliterated the SUV.

The Israeli AGM-142?  Still would destory the SUV.

If a missile explodes in a closed space like the turret of a tank or cargo hold of an armored personnel carrier, this results in a catastrophic kill.  In other words, nearly everyone in the vehicle dies.

The best hope for someone in a lightly armored SUV that is hit by a missile from the top is for the missile to pass through the vehicle and explode on impact with the ground.

This would obviously produce a large hole in the floor boards.

The explsion would be generated mostly into the ground, but the overpressure would still rupture ear drums, blow out the tires and tip the vehicle and seriously burn everyone in the vehicle and have 90% chance of igniting the fuel and catching the entire vehicle on fire.

The over-pressure and concussion from a missile often knocks a person out cold.

Something may have hit the Reuters vehicle, but it was not an Air to Surface missile.

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