The AP’s Inside Man

Bilal Hussein, the Associated Press’ go-to man for close up photos of terrorists in Iraq, is currently being detained by the Coalition after he was caught with two Al Qaida leaders.

The Associated Press conducted their own inquiry and found Bilal Huessein not guilty.

But their line of reasoning defies all common sense for we know exactly what AQI leaders do to journalists–usually kidnap, hold for ransom and occasionally behead.

It should also be noted that an AQI sniper training manual urges snipers to shoot journalists embedded with the military because it will generate more publicity.

That Bilal Hussein’s head is still attached to his body is an indication that AQI approves of what he is doing.

That Bilal Hussein can avoid the usual AQI treatment of reporters raises no eyebrows for the AP.  Which says a lot about the AP.

According to Major General Jack Gardner, “The information available establishes that he has relationships with insurgents and is afforded access to insurgent activities outside the normal scope afforded to journalists conducting legitimate activities.”

As in, why is Bilal Hussein always on the inside with AQI?

It is not like AQI has a Press Information Center where reporters can check in and get embedded into cells.

So, to constantly be on the inside, and then be captured with an AQI leader is definately beyond the normal scope.

As for the 13,000 people held in limbo, it does not jibe with my personal experience.  I saw the Marines detain dozens of people.

And a few months later I went with the Marines to Baghdad to testify before an Iraqi judge in one case.

The suspected insurgents had a 105mm mortar tube, tripod and baseplate wrapped in plastic and buried in their backyard.

They were convicted.

In another detention case, the suspected insurgents had several thousand dollars in counterfeit U.S. $100 bills, a half dozen Motorola walkie talkies broken down to the chips, a really nice volt/ohm meter and electronics repair kit, 5 more AK mags than they were allowed and about a dozen fake ID’s.

They were released after a few weeks.  I am sure they would tell the AP they were snatched from their homes at night for no known reason.

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