Why is this man mad at the French?

What about France bums out Ayman al-Zawahari, al-Qaida’s “number 2” ?


It couldn’t be the French position on Iraq.  The French played footsy with Saddam, took kick-backs from “oil-for-food”, and resisted the use of force for his removal.  It couldn’t be Palestine – No European nation has been more vocal in its opposition to Israeli policies on the West Bank.  It shouldn’t be Lebanon – France blocked the U.S. resolution to make the disarmament of Hizbollah the centerpiece of the cease-fire negotiation in the latest Israel-Lebanon dust-up.

But it must be something.  Here’s what al-Zawahari said, Sept. 11, in a tape announcing the merger of the Algerian anti-French terrorist group GSPC with Al Qaida:

All the praise is due to Allah for the blessed union which we ask Allah to be as a bone in the throats of the Americans and French Crusaders and their allies, and inspire distress, concern, and dejection in the hearts of the traitorous, apostate sons of France.”

“GSPC” is the French acronym for (in English) the “Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat.”  GSPC is an ultra-violent splinter group of the Armed Islamic Group, which conducted terror bombings in France in 1995. 

Last year, the GSPC described France as “enemy number one.” 

Connoisseurs of Arab press hypocrisy should check out the Al-Jazeera English-language web account of this alliance:

Abd al-Malek Droudkei, known a Abus Musab Abdel-Wadoud, leader of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) urged other Islamist groups around the world to join forces to defeat the U.S.

The al-Jazeera report emphasizes the threat to America, where GSPC has never been active, rather than to “good pal” France, which is its explicit target.  Al-Jazeera, the Arab integument of MSM, doesn’t mention the express intent of GSPC – terrorism against France – until the article’s last sentence.

Various commentators analyze the reasons why al Qaida would sanction acts of terror against the French “Crusaders,” or “apostates”, or “traitors”, or whatever:

  • The 2004 ban on Islamic headscarves in French public schools;
  • French aid to the Algerian regime; and
  • French participation in the international force that prevented Israel from reducing Lebanon to charred rubble in the wake of Hizbollah’s unilateral act of war.

In Iraq, pro-democracy web masters could barely contain their mirth at the GSPC announcement.  On September 15th, Omar of “Iraq the Model” wrote:

“Why should France be so concerned about this new alliance?  I’m sure Paris can give time for diplomacy, initiate dialogue, and negotiate to reach a compromise with those guys, right?”

Omar suggests the following ways in which France can resolve its al Qaida crisis:

  • “First and foremost, the French, can peacefully and willingly all convert to Islam (Salafi Islam, that is) and endorse Sharia Law instead of their crusade constitution.
  • “Or, the French could fight and defend Paris (no, scrap that: non-applicable).
  • “Or, the French can opt to pay the Dhimmi Jizya (non-believers’ tax).  I think al-Qaida would appreciate the annual tributes of French cheese and perfumes.
  • “Or, maybe the French can pretend the converted to Islam to please al-Qaeda but retain their current beliefs?”

But why should the French complain?  The Pope recently cited an opinion that Islam incites violence: a statement so patently unjust that scores of Moslem clerics issued fatwas demanding his death, while mobs burned churches and attacked Christian clergy in protest.

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