What Iranians Want

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah are running Shia death squads in Iraq–according to no less a source than Moqtada al-Sadr.

If there are Iranians and Hezbollah terrorists out killing Sunni and other political enemies in Iraq, they are not there just for the shear joy of killing Sunni Arabs.

There is a larger method to the killings.

If columns like this are to be believed, the goal of the Iranians is to prevent a stable, democratic, semi-secular and semi-pro-American Iraq.

As noted in David Ignatius’ coup column of last week, even Al Sadr admits Iranians are running death squads in Iraq.

Iran could be largely to blame for the turmoil in and around Baghdad.  It does not want a U.S. presence in its border, or stable and free Iraq serving as an enticement to its citizens.

I have often said in this space that the target of terror is not the physical victim, but the TV viewer or newpaper reader–often times thousands of miles away.

The goal of the death squads is to hasten the departure of the U.S. and to bring about instability in Iraq via a sectarian strife.

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