Media War

Michael Yon’s recent article in the American Standard is worth serious contemplation.

I spent several months of 2005 in Iraq and found the CPIC and the Marine Public Affairs officers to be outstanding.

Like Yon, I worked with Capt. Jeff Poole.  His operation with the 2nd Marine Div. was outstanding.  Ditto for Col. Lapan at the II MEF FWD Public Affairs shop.

There were a few basic requirements–like my video actually hitting air and that I have body armor.

I signed TV stations up for syndication contracts, bought some kevlar and signed a several page long hold harmless agreement.

I spent all of my time with one unit, so there were few logistics problems.  I became another member of the unit, tacked on at the bottom of the manifest.

Unlike Yon, I do put some serious blame on the MSM for not having more reporters out with the ground pounders.

While us one-man-bands have to self finance, or come up with creative ways to fund our excursions, the big news organizations have the resources to drop more people on the ground.  They just choose not to.

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